Guide to Use

If you want to browse through everything, just click on “Browse” at the top and select “Archival Items” which will display all the items in the Collection’s catalog. You can click on an individual item to see its catalog information. There are a few options for sorting the results.

There is also a set of filters at the right, which you can use to narrow your results, for example by type of item. The filter selection at the top that will narrow your results to items that have digitized media files attached will show you images and recordings that are accessible online. Also, try changing the display to "View as Images" from the "List" view.

Under the “Browse” tab, you can also browse through Songs and People.

Searching for one or more specific items can be done in two ways: quick and advanced. For a quick search, just enter a keyword in the search box at the upper right. Quotation marks and other special characters work the same as on other search engines. For a more advanced, structured search, click on “Advanced Search” for a form that will let you enter specific terms into a variety of specific fields.
The “Collections” tab at the top is a shortcut to the various subseries of our Collection such as “papers” or “photographs” or “audio materials.” It’s more of an archivist’s view of the Collection, its subseries, and their content. Clicking on a box brings you to a page of results that are included in that subseries.
Featured Songs, Tours, and Exhibits
Featured Tours opens a page with selected tours Dave and his bandmates took. Clicking on a tour name, opens an interactive map at the left and itinerary at right. Follow the band by clicking on the arrow at the right.

Featured Songs opens a page with selected songs that Dave and his bands recorded and performed numerous times over their long career. These selected songs display a timeline showing studio sessions and albums as well as live and broadcast appearances. You can move up and down the timeline, expend and contract its date range and click on individual sessions, albums, and appearances for more information. FYI: "album" can refer to a creative work in the abstract [e.g. Time Out] or to specific manifestations of that work [e.g. an individual vinyl record].

Featured Exhibits opens our virtual exhibit gallery page showing a selection of permanent and temporary curated exhibits drawn from the Collection.

We’ll be adding more Tours, Songs and Exhibits over time so make sure to check back from time to time.

If you have any questions about how the website works or need help searching for things, please feel free to contact us.